Joining the 2017 Global Employee Health and Fitness Month is easy! It’s only $20.00.


    • and establish membership through PayPal.   Employers should register their worksite with their contact information, website, email address and social media addresses


    • your employees/staff to track their Healthy Moments, Groups and Projects on the logs throughout the month, allowing employers and employees to track, share and promote their individual and group activities and to accumulate points toward Awards and Prizes! Identify a point person(s) to collect logs and track and total points weekly throughout the month of May!

Moments, Groups & Projects are the heart of GEHFM.  From individual activities to corporate events, employees can log their progress and employers can track participation!

Healthy Moments:

Focused on the individual, healthy moments are occasions of healthy eating, physical activity or personal/environmental health.

TIP:  Send your employees a weekly Healthy Moments Monday email message throughout May.  Offer them one tangible example of something they can do that week to improve their health.

Healthy Groups:

Healthy Groups are small groups of employees who gather to participate in an activity intended to last beyond the month of May.

TIP:  Encourage employees to organize around shared schedules or challenge departments to choose a group and compete again one another for recognition.  Whether distributed for group name, team success, or most aromatic lunchroom meal, award groups who form in May and develop and sustain over time.

(Samples of activities for Healthy Groups and we can reference it here)

A Culminating Project

The Culminating Project is an event or series of events that promote wellbeing through the whole company or community.

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